Directions by Train

Take the LIRR to the Albertson Station or to the Mineola station. LIRR information and schedules are available here or by calling 516-822-5477.

Albertson Station

The Albertson Station is right down the block from us. The ride from Penn Station to Albertson is approximately 50 minutes. When you get off the train at Albertson, at the exit from the platform (there is only one way off) you will be on I U Willets Road.

Turn right onto I U Willets, walk 50-75 feet and then turn right onto Albertson Avenue.

VANDIS is located at 1 Albertson Avenue, the fourth building on the right. The walk is a little less than ¼ mile. If you would rather not walk, just give us a call at 516-281-2200 and we will pick you up.

Mineola Station

The ride from Penn Station to Mineola is approximately 40 minutes plus a 10 minute cab ride, but has more frequent service than Albertson. Cabs are available at the station. If the driver doesn’t know how to find us based on our address, call us at 516-281-2200 and we will give detailed directions.