Mobile Application Security Risks

How applications can access your private information

Storage Options for the Modern Datacenter

Increasing performance and capacity

Mandatory Mobile Security

California's new law may have national effects

Public vs. Private Cloud

Choosing the right solution for your organization

Case Studies

Implementing a Virtual Solution in a High Demand Environment

Hoping to avoid the costly renewals of private leased lines and meet the challenges of ever increasing market data volume, a leading proprietary trading firm wanted to investigate thin client technologies and a potential replacement with VDI. As a company where the average trader is utilizing four monitors at high resolution with a lot of real-time graphics, they have avery demanding desktop computing environment and a need for a low latency and feature rich user experience, characteristics of a ‘worst-case’ environment for VDI initiatives. Upcoming leased line renewals in five office locations created the additional requirement of a hard deadline for implementation and training.

Virtualizing a Business Operations Center

This hotel chain had traditional desktop PCs in each hotel which acted as a Business Operations Center. These PCs handled reservations, finance, and payroll functions within the company. With little to no IT staff on location, the company was looking to increase reliability, stability, and efficiency while reducing TCO.

Pay-for-TV IPS deployment

Security posture is very important to this company, so they wanted to deploy a network wide IPS while remaining within budget guidelines. There was an added necessity to meet a drop dead installation date.