Deployment of URL Filtering for Web Visibility & Security


Unhappy with their existing URL filtering service, this organization sought an upgrade that would better suit their needs. The client wanted better Web usage visibility and security for mobile and onsite workers around the country. The client’s existing URL filtering contract, expiring within a month, enforced a mandatory deadline to deploy another solution.

The desired URL filtering solution needed a central management console and to work with both iOS and Android mobile operating systems. They also wanted specific management controls to gain better visibility into their network.


Vandis recommended WebSense, Blue Coat and Palo Alto Networks, all of which met the client’s criteria. This organization decided to put each solution through a Proof of Concept (POC) and base their decision on the POC’s findings. Once completed, the organization chose BlueCoat’s Cloud Web Filtering solution as the best fit-for their environment. They chose BlueCoat’s Cloud Web Filtering to provide better web traffic visibility, traffic & URL management, and Web security on mobile devices. The client also liked the solution’s ease of use and its reporting tool. Yet another benefit was that implementation would not disrupt their network due to Blue Coats’s Cloud Web Filtering's integration with existing Blue Coat proxies in their production environment.


After deploying Blue Coat Cloud Web Filtering in their environment, the client now has greater visibility and management of web browsing and web security on local and mobile devices. In addition, they have continuous updates and support from Blue Coat through eight Operation Centers for cloud defense and are improving accuracy and relevance without using web crawlers.

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