Fortinet NGFW GCP VPC Integration

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Executive Summary:

More and more enterprises are turning to Google Cloud Platform(GCP) to extend internal data centers and take advantage of the elasticity of the public cloud. While GCP secures the infrastructure, you are responsible for protecting everything you put in it. Fortinet virtual appliances offer comprehensive security for your GCP workloads including firewall, security gateway, intrusion prevention, and web application security.

Offering Description:

Vandis engineers will work with your network and security teams to integrate Fortinet Network Security Appliances into your GCP network design. We will assist with the design and configuration of the VPC, Subnets, DMZ, Firewall Rules and Routes to deliver those in a detailed design and implementation document.


  • Conduct a Network Security Design and Planning Session
  • Review overall cloud strategy
  • Review existing network and network security environment
  • Evaluate your existing network security policies including Fortinet solutions currently deployed
  • Discuss GCP Network Security Best Practices
  • Align your policies and processes with GCP


  • Participation in a network security design and planning session
  • Delivery of a detailed design and implementation document addressing:
    • GCP VPC topology and address space allocation
    • Subnet, network segmentation, and DMZ designs
    • Routes
    • Firewall Rules
    • Integration of Fortinet VM-Series Security Appliances into the VPC



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