Bring Zero Trust Solutions To Your Enterprise Applications

Corporate datacenter networks are known high-value attack vectors that are difficult to protect once penetrated from the perimeter or from within. Once inside, bad actors can plant malicious software and later move laterally to target core assets attached to the network. Traditional methods to protect this attack surface are complicated and expensive. Even if funding is committed, solutions have proven to be difficult to implement and operate.

Join us on May 17th to learn how your organization can cost-effectively implement Zero Trust solutions to protect your most critical data. The Aruba Pensando Distributed Zero Trust Solution for datacenters is a new class of switching solution that eliminates the limitations of legacy networking.

Attend this webinar to learn how the Aruba CX 10000 series switch with Pensando allows operators to extend industry standard leaf-spine networking with distributed stateful segmentation, east-west firewalling, NAT, encryption, and telemetry services – all delivered inline, all the time, on every access port, closer to where critical enterprise applications run.

You'll learn how this solution extends zero trust from the network server edge closer to applications and workloads and delivers:

  • 100x Scale
  • 10x Performance
  • All at one-third TCO

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