F5 Networks Azure Agility Hands On Boot Camp

Join Vandis and F5 Networks for a hands on lab to see how to create an F5 Load Balancing environment within Microsoft Azure. During this FREE half day event, you will learn how to deploy a pair of F5 LTM Load Balancers using a standard deployment. In addition, the lab will use an ARM Template to launch two BIG-IP VEs in an Active/Standby configuration with network failover enabled. Finally, you will learn how to deploy F5's ASM (WAF) product in the Azure cloud.  

Below are the modules that will be covered during this session:

  • Module 1 – Deploy a Standalone F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery Controller in Azure
  • Module 2 – Deploy WAF in Azure
  • Module 3 – Deploy an F5 BIG-IP Active/Active HA Pair Using ARM Template

***A laptop is required for this event***