F5 NGINX Plus 101 Boot Camp

Join F5 and Vandis for an NGINX Plus 101 boot camp where we will take an in-depth look at NGINX Plus and NGINX Controller. Attend this event to understand how NGINX Plus functions as an all-in-one load balancer, content cache, and webserver, allowing organizations to simplify their architecture while reducing costs. In addition, we will also cover how NGINX Controller makes managing load balancers, API gateways, and service mesh deployments effortless by placing everything in a single pane of glass.

 During the course of this workshop, you will gain an understanding of:

  • How to install NGINX Plus and NGINX Controller into your environment
  • How to configure NGINX Plus as an L4 load balancer
  • How to use NGINX Controller as a way to monitor and alert on specific events
  • How to configure NGINX Controller as an API Manager
  • Various security techniques, including JWT Authorization and rate limiting

 We look forward to having you join us!

***A laptop is required for this lab.***

Each registrant will be reviewed by Vandis to ensure they meet Vandis’ requirements for attendance and, if qualified, will receive an approval email after registration. Attendees acknowledge that their organizations may have compliance policies relating to their employees’ ability to accept items of value that may be available at an event, and it is the attendee’s responsibility to manage compliance with those business policies. By registering to attend any events here, you accept our Privacy Policy and Event Policy.