Fortinet Fast Track Workshop: Constructing A Secure SD-WAN Architecture

Vandis and Fortinet have teamed up to deliver a two-part event to show organizations how SD-WAN can improve application performance, reduce costs, and unify security policies across their hybrid environment.

The first portion of this event will be a 20-minute demonstration where we will show how Vandis' Engineering team can rapidly deploy Fortinet SD-WAN to a distributed organization in hours or days instead of weeks. During this demo, you will see how each branch office can be automatically connected into Microsoft Virtual WAN to enable a secure, low latency, and cost-effective alternative to MPLS or leased lines.

After the demo, we will be holding a hands-on workshop to further explore Fortinet’s SD-WAN solution. During this portion of the event, participants will learn how:

  • Software-defined networking (SDN) applies to software control of wide area networks in an enterprise environment
  • To implement application control and traffic shaping over SD-WAN
  • FortiManager can enable unified policy across thousands of enterprise branches
  • FortiDeploy can enable zero-touch deployment
  • To configure virtualized products supporting WAN aggregation while gaining hands-on experience.

We look forward to having you join us!

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