Mimecast: Anatomy of an Email Born Attack - Live Hack Event

Let's face it: email is still the biggest entry point into your organization, even in secure environments. Cybercriminals have become more advanced and targeted in their planning and execution of attacks. In most cases, they use email as a vehicle to enter their victim’s organization and steal highly valuable intellectual property, user credentials, and even money. Traditional e-mail security systems can’t keep up with the evolving and increasingly targeted tactics of cybercriminals.

Join Vandis and Mimecast as we paint the current threat landscape for email-borne attacks. We will simulate an actual live 'hack,' and demonstrate how Mimecast’s patented Pure Cloud Technology defends against email borne impersonation attempts, malicious URLs, unknown malware attachments, threats that are internal to the organization, as well as spam and viruses.

Throughout the course of this event, you will learn: 

  • Why and how the threat landscape is evolving.
  • How your email can be used as an entry point in multiple types of attack.
  • Attacker methodologies and the tactics and tools being used to exploit your users.
  • How to enhance your email security and thus improve your overall cyber resilience.

We look forward to having you join us!

Disclaimer: Each registrant will be reviewed by Vandis to ensure they meet Vandis’ requirements for attendance and, if qualified, will receive an approval email after registration. Attendees acknowledge that their organizations may have compliance policies relating to their employees’ ability to accept items of value that may be available at an event, and it is the attendee’s responsibility to manage compliance with those business policies.