Securing Your Azure Environment with Fortinet - NYC


Once a decision to move to the cloud has been made, the next critical question is: “How do I secure my data/applications?” 

While the fundamentals of enterprise security remain the same, there are several ‘nuances’ to cloud deployments that are important to know.  Through a close engineering partnership with Microsoft, Fortinet has developed a solution to address your cloud security concerns that does not require a complex deployment.

Join us for a free Azure cloud training with Fortinet and learn how its Security Fabric provides Azure users with a deep multi-layer-security protection for securing web applications, mail applications, preventing zero day threats, and managing global security infrastructures from the cloud. This session will cover the following labs:

Lab 1 – Install FortiWeb in Azure

  • Deploy VM to specific instance type
  • Configure basic networking on FWB
  • Configure policy to forward HTTP/s traffic from FGT to FWB
  • Validate traffic is reaching Apache server
  • Deploy vulnerable Apache image that FWB can trigger against 

Lab2 – Configure Fabric Connector on FGT

  • Create specific dynamic object filter to capture web workload
  • Validate that the web server is caught by the correct policy

We look forward to having you join us!

***A laptop is required for this lab***

Disclaimer: Each registrant will be reviewed by Vandis to ensure they meet Vandis’ requirements for attendance and, if qualified, will receive an approval email after registration. Attendees acknowledge that their organizations may have compliance policies relating to their employees’ ability to accept items of value that may be available at an event, and it is the attendee’s responsibility to manage compliance with those business policies.