Securing Your Azure Environment with Fortinet - NYC


Once a decision to move to the cloud has been made, the next critical question is: “How do I secure my data/applications?” 

While the fundamentals of enterprise security remain the same, there are several ‘nuances’ to cloud deployments that are important to know.  Through a close engineering partnership with Microsoft, Fortinet has developed a solution to address your cloud security concerns that does not require a complex deployment.

Join us for a free Azure cloud training with Fortinet and learn how its Security Fabric provides Azure users with a deep multi-layer-security protection for securing web applications, mail applications, preventing zero day threats, and managing global security infrastructures from the cloud. This session will cover the following labs:

Lab 1 – Install FortiWeb in Azure

  • Deploy VM to specific instance type
  • Configure basic networking on FWB
  • Configure policy to forward HTTP/s traffic from FGT to FWB
  • Validate traffic is reaching Apache server
  • Deploy vulnerable Apache image that FWB can trigger against 

Lab2 – Configure Fabric Connector on FGT

  • Create specific dynamic object filter to capture web workload
  • Validate that the web server is caught by the correct policy

We look forward to having you join us!

***A laptop is required for this lab***