Tech in 20 Demo: Building a multi-cloud network in 20 minutes

The network is a bloodline of enterprise communications. At the same time getting to the cloud, going across regions of a single cloud, and ultimately going multi-cloud weighs heavy on the IT network and security teams that oftentimes are constrained by short timelines, limited budgets, and cloud skill gaps. Do-it-yourself cloud-native, colocation, and software-based solutions do not measure up to the business needs of the modern digital enterprises. 

Join Vandis and Alkira for a 20-minute demonstration of the Alkira Cloud Network as-a-Service solution where David Klebanov, Director of Partner Solutions Architecture and Tech Evangelist at Alkira, will show how enterprises can accelerate their cloud adoption by making the network move at the speed of cloud.

The demo will showcase:

  1. Establishing global network that connects users, sites, and clouds together in minutes
  2. Inserting and auto-scaling next-generation firewalls for uniform security policy enforcement
  3. Cloud Insights - Discovering and auditing your existing cloud environment

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