Using AWS to Slash File Server Cost and Risk

Distributed file servers tend to pop up all around your enterprise and become one of the most significant physical assets to manage across your locations. Inherently they are risky, costly, and time-consuming. Attend this discussion session to learn how to:

  • Leverage AWS to consolidate distributed islands of data into a single cloud footprint and save up to 70% of your storage management costs

  • Remove distributed backup, management, and compliance headaches

  • Decrease your risk of data loss, breach, and audit compliance issues

  • Learn the ROI methodology that makes this a “must have” initiative

Join us, along with Amazon Web Services and Talon Storage at the AWS office on 7 West 34th Street (6th floor) to learn how the cloud can act as your company's server. No sacrificing performance, security, or collaboration – just a single set of data that lets any/everyone across the enterprise work from the same data, as if they were all in the same location.