Webinar: The State of Cybersecurity and How to Improve Cybersecurity Coverage While Reducing Costs

Endpoint Protection and Response (EDR) is an important part of the security strategy. But it has proven to only provide a layer of protection at the endpoint. What about the network and cloud?

If only 15% of cyber-attacks are discovered through their endpoint software, where are the other 85% of the incidents coming from?

Join us on March 21st as Arctic Wolf explains how Managed Detection and Response can complete your security strategy and provide comprehensive visibility across the entire threat landscape.

We'll discuss recent attacks and high-profile breaches, how they were exfiltrated, and why they were missed. We'll also talk about the resulting risks associated with these events.
Other topics include: 
  • Limitations of endpoint protection
  • Best practices for preventing, detecting, and mitigating cyber threats before a breach occurs
  • Eliminating “alert fatigue”
  • Reducing costs and improving your insurability

Following the webinar you will receive a complimentary copy of The State of Cybersecurity 2023 Trends Report. Plus, eligible participants of the webinar will also receive a lunch gift card.

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