Vandis' Monthly Webinar: Anomali - How Organizations are Using Threat Intelligence to Detect Adversaries

Enterprises and government agencies are utilizing threat intelligence to successfully defend against external threats and to detect those already present in their network. Organizations experiencing significant returns on investments have built automated processes that integrate the technologies and skills needed to turn massive volumes of threat data into actionable intelligence. 

Join us for a webinar session with Anomali to see how organizations are adopting threat intelligence solutions and processes to reduce risk across their environments and to lower their chances of falling victim to data breaches, ransomware infections, IP theft, and other forms of cyber attacks.

During this session, you will learn:

  • The challenges and fundamentals of threat intelligence
  • How to build and maintain an effective intelligence program
  • How mature intelligence programs are structured

We look forward to having you join us!

Disclaimer: Each registrant will be reviewed by Vandis to ensure they meet Vandis’ requirements for attendance and, if qualified, will receive an approval email after registration. Attendees acknowledge that their organizations may have compliance policies relating to their employees’ ability to accept items of value that may be available at an event, and it is the attendee’s responsibility to manage compliance with those business policies.