Vandis' Monthly Webinar: Zscaler - Why are Organizations Actively Looking at SD-WAN Solutions?

For organizations deploying cloud applications like Office 365, backhauling traffic over MPLS introduces unnecessary latency that negatively impacts user experience. SD-WAN simplifies how traffic is routed in the branch and makes it easy to establish local internet breakouts. However, connecting all branch locations directly to the internet introduces significant security risks. Zscaler eliminates these risks by enabling customers to securely route all their internet-bound traffic directly to the Zscaler Cloud Security Platform.

Join us for a webinar session with Zscaler to learn how to consistently secure internet connections across all your locations without adding complexity. During this session, you will learn key reasons why organizations consider implementing SD-WAN, which include:

  • Enabling local internet breakouts and delivering a fast user experience
  • Reducing MPLS cost by routing more traffic directly to the internet
  • Simplifying operations and centralizing policy management and control
  • Improving reliability and creating redundancy

We look forward to having you join us!

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