Vandis' Webinar Series: Fortinet - Real Time Protection from FortiWAF with Machine Learning

Join Fortinet and Vandis for this webinar, where you will learn how and why the latest enhancements in the FortiWeb web application firewall (WAF) with machine learning (ML) can automatically detect malicious web traffic, bots and potentially detect unknown zero-day attacks to provide real-time protection for web servers.With the integration of machine learning within this modern WAF your applications are more protected, you are able to better customize your security posture, and reduce the number of false positives. 

During this session you will gain an insightful look at how powerful ML can deliver an evolved WAF that removes the manual processes in protecting web application deployments. 

Attend this session to understand how:

  • Collaborative teams can ensure web applications and APIs are protected, resulting in a shortened window of deployment cycles
  • ML allows for not only faster, but smarter protection that significantly reduces management overhead
  • DevOps can reduce friction when deploying web applications by leveraging ML 

We look forward to having you join us!

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