Webinar Session - Attivo Networks: Deception Technology - Luxury Item or Lifeline?

For years, attackers have successfully used deception tactics for breaching networks by masquerading as legitimate employees and using stolen credentials and deceptive measures to infiltrate a network.

A common misconception about deception technology is that it is a luxury item meant only for companies with mature security operations or large budgets. Organizations, both large and small, are turning to deception for accurate detection, building predictive defenses, and accelerating incident response.

Join us for a webinar session with Attivo Networks to learn how it empowers organizations with capabilities they cannot achieve with other security controls: the capacity to outmaneuver the attacker, force them to execute flawlessly, and ultimately derail their efforts using their beloved approach of deception. During this session, you will:

  • Learn about how deception has evolved and how it fits within the security stack
  • Leave with insight into the value and benefits that defenders have realized from adding deception into their security operations programs and why it is often a lifeline for defense against today’s advanced attackers. 
  • Learn about Attivo Networks ThreatDefend, which incorporates automated attack analysis, forensics, and native integrations for accelerated incident response.
  • Hear about real-world deployments and top use cases.

We look forward to having you join us!

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