F5 BIG-IP GTM Integration for Azure Hybrid Cloud

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Executive Summary:

F5 Networks provides the Application Delivery Networking platform that works with Azure VMs, Blob Storage and VNETs. F5 and Azure together help you rapidly deploy application services securely. Extend the same availability, performance and security services across environments with F5 BIG-IP. At the end of this short engagement the client will have a scalable, highly available deployment of F5 WAFs in Azure built around F5 on Azure best practices and integrated to the client’s GSLB architecture. This implementation will allow your network and security teams to extend their existing policies, workflows and global traffic routing topologies seamlessly to Azure.

Offering Description:

Vandis engineers will work with the customer’s network and security teams to integrate F5 Network BIG-IP GTM/LTMs into their Azure native or Azure hybrid cloud network design. We will assist with the design and configuration of the F5 GTM/LTMs to properly shape traffic flow between endpoints in a mixture of datacenters and Azure regions. This project will provide a detailed design and implementation around Azure with traffic flow across regions, availability zones, and the customer’s physical sites.


Vandis will assist with the design and configuration of the GTM/LTM appliances within the Azure availability zones, VNETs, endpoints, and internal configurations (Load Balancers, NSGs, UDRs, VM Autoscaling) necessary to meet the client’s requirements in Azure.

  • Conduct a Network Security Design and Planning Session
    • Review overall Azurestrategy
    • Review existing network environment focusing on sites and load balanced workloads
    • Evaluate current F5 GTM/LTM deployment and workflows to ensure edge cases are accounted for
    • Discuss Azure Network, load balancing, and availability considerations
    • Align existing requirements around global traffic management
  • Draft, present, and iterate a F5 GTM/LTM Detailed Design and Configuration document


  • Delivery of a detailed design and implementation document addressing:
    • Endpoint and HA design in Azure
    • Route Tables
    • High Availability Design, Availability Zones, VNETs, and load balancers
    • IaaS VM Auto Scaling Groups and configuration if needed
    • Integration of F5 Networks BIG-IP GTM/LTM Appliances into the VNET

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