Nyansa Voyance

With increasing network complexity and a significant number of SaaS and custom applications, organizations often find it difficult to optimize the experience and productivity for each of their users. A critical step to optimizing this experience is to obtain extensive network analytics to allow for both proactive and reactive network optimization.

One solution offering these capabilities is Nyansa, a vendor agnostic network analytics service focused on providing rich details on each individual user’s experience from network access to specific application usage. Built from the ground up, Nyansa’s Voyance solution monitors the end user as they go on their journey through your network. All aspects of Voyance, from inspected data to metrics that are sent and analyzed within Nyansa’s cloud backend are designed with enterprise-grade security and reliability requirements in mind. By design, Voyance is a passive system that cannot interfere with the network as all communication is outbound initiated over part compliant SSL. Collecting only the performance metrics needed for analysis, Voyance inspects live network data without ever transporting any packets to the cloud.

Some key features of Nyansa’s Voyance product include:

  • Deep-analytics on specific user experiences across SaaS, UC, and custom business applications
  • Assess how infrastructure changes will affect user experience
  • Quickly identify the root cause of network incidents in real time
  • Automatically alert on deviations from network and application performance baselines
  • No packets or payload ever leave the organization’s premise
  • Anonymously benchmark your network metrics to industry peers

For more information regarding Nyansa's Voyance solution please find a 10 minute video below!