Vandis Managed SD-WAN & Azure Networking

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Executive Summary

Vandis’ MSP team will provide the ability to securely connect branch sites, datacenters, and cloud environments within an SD-WAN solution and Azure vWAN as a secure, low-latency, and cost saving solution.

With our managed Azure vWAN solution, each of your sites will also receive better protection against exploits and malware by leveraging the expertise of Vandis’ security team.

Offering Description

Vandis engineers will design and implement an Azure network architecture leveraging your preferred firewall, specifically designed to accommodate the traffic between premise locations, cloud locations, and the Internet. Vandis’ Managed Services can provide remote support and 24/7 Monitoring of your firewall devices deployed at all locations with custom alert notifications. Included in this service is ad hoc Break/Fix Support and Change Request Support provided by Vandis Certified Engineers including escalation, as needed, to Microsoft Support Services.

Scope of Work

  • Deploy Transit network with Azure virtual firewalls active/passive configuration
  • Integration of up to five VNets into Vandis’ cloud defense architecture
  • Configure firewall SD-WAN layer7 profiles with up to 10 Application QOS Thresholds
  • Configuration of Azure Virtual WAN with a single region hub
  • Azure Virtual WAN IPSec, and BGP configurations for the Azure virtual firewalls and up to five premise sites
  • Create Security Policies for the traffic between premise locations, cloud locations, and the Internet
  • Create Alerting and Monitoring Profiles • Onboard Customer into Vandis Managed Services Desk


  • Cloud and Branch Next-Generation Firewall Protection
  • Low Latency, Secure Mesh Communication Fabric
  • Unified Logging, Reporting, Threat Profiles across organization
  • Fully Managed and Monitored Azure Networking and firewall environment (For Gateways in Scope)
  • Onboarding into Vandis Managed Services with operational runbook

About Vandis

Vandis offers security, cloud, networking, mobility, and infrastructure services to promote the establishment of secure and stable systems for clients both on-prem and in the cloud. With over 35 years of industry experience, Vandis offers comprehensive strategies that combine our client's security and networking needs. Able to handle projects on regional, national, and global scales, Vandis works closely with both market-leading and niche manufacturers to deliver custom solutions. For additional information, visit, email, or call 516-281-2200.

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