Enterprise Network Migration to Secure Cloud Environment


The organization was seeking to upgrade their enterprise network by migrating their entire data center to a secure cloud environment. The organization contacted Vandis for assistance in migrating their entire server farm to an Azure tenant and securing that environment with Fortinet’s Cloud Firewall. Primary challenges included: 

  • Locating the organization’s employees who were subject matter experts and knew the dependencies of existing legacy services. 
  • Each web app server had its own requirements so the FortiWeb security profile configurations could not rely on templates. 
  • Most of the applications being migrated were revenue-generating and required minimal or no interruptions in performance.
  • Short timeline to complete project. 


After initial discussions, Vandis created a timeline to configure and deploy VM FortiGate firewalls, dedicated FortiWeb web application firewalls, the FortiManager security management console, and the FortiAnalyzer security analysis solution. Vandis’ project plan included the following goals: 

  • Migrating all applications and servers to Microsoft Azure for increased flexibility, decreased operational costs, and greater access to resources.
  • Provisioning cloud firewalls providing hardened perimeter security and micro-segmentation for a more secure web experience.
  • Implementing web application firewalls that could inspect all web traffic sessions to ensure that every bit of data is analyzed against a set policy.
  • Deploying a platform that could manage firewall policies and aggregate event logs to enable easier future management of the solution.


Upon Vandis’ completion of the Azure migration, the organization was now able to take advantage of cloud benefits such as flexible computing platforms, decreased costs of operation, and access to data from remote locations. Additionally, provisioning cloud firewalls and implementing web application firewalls allowed Vandis to improve the overall security of the organization’s workloads and data.

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