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Upgrading Storage & Breaking out of a 3 Year Refresh Cycle

Seeing substantial growth in their data storage utilization, the client experienced data latency issues as they neared their storage limit. They sought a solution that would meet their Microsoft Exchange needs and integrate with their upcoming VMware environment refresh.
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Virtualizing a Business Operations Center

This hotel chain had traditional desktop PCs in each hotel which acted as a Business Operations Center. These PCs handled reservations, finance, and payroll functions within the company. With little to no IT staff on location, the company was looking to increase reliability, stability, and efficiency while reducing TCO.
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Upgrading Firewalls for Better Visibility, Control & Management

When Vandis first approached this company they were using Juniper firewalls, Bluecoat Web Filtering, and Tipping Point IPS to protect their network infrastructure at four different locations around the world. They were never able to reach a stable configuration and had to constantly tweak and adjust their web filters to have them function as needed.
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Ensuring Maximum Security and Flexibility in a High Volume Environment

As security moves into the forefront for most IT decision makers, the ability to ensure that critical data is highly available and secure is at an all-time high. This is especially apparent for media companies who transfer larges amount of outbound and inbound data between networks.
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