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    Achieving solutions that offer maximum performance, built on trust, and a diverse network of technology partners



Our Process

Vandis Security, Cloud, Networking, Mobility and Infrastructure practices are focused on helping your organization build secure and stable systems, both on-prem and in the cloud.




The first step is to understand your current network posture. Vandis Assessments and Consultations allow you to take a step back and view your network as a whole. Our experienced engineers will identify vulnerabilities and ways to improve your business processes. Once we know the gaps we will work together to develop an action plan that resolves your security and network concerns.


Securing your data, network, and cloud environment is a more challenging and critical job than ever. Expert guidance can help you achieve your unique on-prem and cloud-based infrastructure requirements. Vandis has assembled a team of architects and engineers with broad experience, extensive training, and reliable judgment to provide you with the assistance you need.


Understanding your business drivers helps us to ensure that you achieve your goals. Our professional services team will work alongside your organization, from Design Consultation through Implementation and Support. Vandis’ high-level relationships and expertise with both market leading and specialty niche solutions allow us to always act as your trusted advisor.


There is no one answer. Your networks and users are always evolving while attackers are developing new ways to access your information. Each application and OS update brings the possibility of new vulnerabilities. Vandis can help you manage your environment with regularly scheduled security reviews, on-demand updates, and continuous monitoring.

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Our History

A comprehensive network and security strategy that spans your cloud and premise environments has become mission critical for every organization. Vandis’  high-level engineering capabilities and  close relationships with market leading  and niche manufacturers allow us to  make timely recommendations.

With over 35 years of experience, Vandis has the proven ability to navigate the ever-changing technology and business landscape.  As projects increase in complexity, we have the necessary resources to successfully manage projects on a regional, national, and global scale.

Our Mission

Today's complex IT requirements demand a flexible process that better addresses your needs. Vandis challenges the assumption that IT acquisition is a push model by developing quality relationships with our clients based on joint problem solving using the most appropriate technologies available. Achieving solutions that offer maximum performance and yield greatest results requires proven expertise, a close working relationship built on trust, and a diverse network of technology partners.

Our Industries

  • Education
  • Government
  • Financial
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Health Care
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Web 2.0
  • Legal
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Services
  • Transportation
  • Utility
  • Technology
  • Advertising

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