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Large Financial Institution Infrastructure Upgrade

Vandis sustains ongoing relationships with numerous financial institutions in the New York City area and across the country. Recently, one of them reached out to Vandis to transition their VMware View 5.1 environment to new servers and upgrade their infrastructure to the current version of Horizon View to take advantage of the latest features.
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Implementing a Virtual Solution in a High Demand Environment

Hoping to avoid the costly renewals of private leased lines and meet the challenges of ever increasing market data volume, a leading proprietary trading firm wanted to investigate thin client technologies and a potential replacement with VDI. As a company where the average trader is utilizing four monitors at high resolution with a lot of real-time graphics, they have a very demanding desktop computing environment and a need for a low latency and feature rich user experience, characteristics of a ‘worst-case’ environment for VDI initiatives.
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Deploying a High Speed and Affordable Storage Solution in a VDI Environment

This fabric and textile company decided to undertake this project because of their need for a high speed and affordable storage solution for their second generation VDI environment. They were looking for a solution that was easy to use, simple to deploy and had great performance.
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Combating Failing Storage Arrays with Hybrid Storage Solutions

Data is expanding at an exponential rate and many organizations are struggling to deal with the rising storage costs and management requirements. Combined with the “always-on” and “instant” culture, it creates a need to have massive amounts of data readily available at a user’s finger tips at all times.
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Microsoft Exchange Consolidation and Optimization

Microsoft Exchange is the backbone to many organizations communication systems. Whether it is being used for email, profile storage or saved documents, the ability to have these assets available at several locations quickly is extremely important for productivity.
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