Vandis Assists International Manufacturer with Their AWS Environment


Amazon Web Services (AWS) referred an international manufacturer to Vandis to assist in a cloud infrastructure project. Having a unique expertise dealing with traditional networking, cloud connectivity, and strong partnership with AWS, Vandis was the ideal fit for this project.


The organization was looking to setup the initial cloud infrastructure for their AWS environment and found AWS Transit Gateway was too complex to manage at scale between the multiple sets of routing tables, environments, and VPCs. In addition, they needed to establish a connection to an e-commerce app developer that was utilizing resources in a different AWS region which required Vandis to set up an AWS PrivateLink. Vandis worked with the client to identify two main pain points that needed to be addressed:

  • Decrease the complexity in managing transit gateway
  • Provide centralized NAT egress for internet traffic


Vandis worked with the client during in-person white boarding sessions to fully understand their existing environment and desired connectivity paths. Part of the recommended solution was to include Aviatrix. With the organization having limited knowledge of Aviatrix, Vandis was able to provide a deep dive into the technology, its benefits, and why it was the recommended solution. Acting as a routing engine for the cloud, Aviatrix was able to ensure a consistent connectivity path within the client’s native AWS region and from their native region to the supported region of the e-commerce app developer.

Vandis implemented Aviatrix TGW Orchestrator for seamless orchestration of AWS Transit Gateway. Aviatrix Transit network was integrated with AWS Transit Gateway and Aviatrix TGW Orchestrator to facilitate connectivity between the client’s main AWS region in US-East-1 and the e-commerce developer’s resources in US-East 2 utilizing PrivateLink. This networking feature that runs on AWS Hyperplane enabled the organization to access the necessary remote resources in an easy and secure fashion.


Vandis’ solution decreased complexity through the orchestration and configuration of routes across AWS regions and enabled the client to work within the constraints introduced by their e-commerce partner. By designing Aviatrix FireNet solution into the initial architecture and leveraging FQDN gateways for NAT and simple security functions, it made for an easy implementation of Next-Generation Firewalls in their AWS environment and will continue to do so during the next phase of their AWS roll out.










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