Event Policy

Any information or content that you voluntarily disclose to enable access to, participation in, and contribution to the event (whether being held online or in person), including all information (including Personally Identifiable Information ("PII"), as described in US privacy law and information security), data, text, software, photographs, graphics, messages, and/or other accessible materials, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted (“Content”) becomes available to the public and may be shared with third-party business partners and vendors participating in or supporting the event ("PII Sharing"), except as may be limited in the case of online events by any privacy settings made available to you on the webinar site. You will be participating in an event where photography, video, and audio recording may occur for Vandis use only and which may appear on the Vandis website, newsletter, brochures, social media outlets, or other future Vandis promotional material. Your attendance and participation in the event signify your agreement to potential PII Sharing and usage of your likeness in such media, and releases Vandis from any liability, payment or royalties in connection with the capture, reproduction or distribution of the images, video or audio by Vandis as it deems fit. In the case of an online webinar, subject to your privacy settings, any Content that you voluntarily make public may be searchable by others. If you remove information or Content that you posted to the webinar, copies may remain viewable in cached and archived pages, or if other users have copied or saved that information or content. Please note that such removal does not ensure complete or comprehensive removal of the Content or information posted (for example, your Content or information may remain visible because it was copied and posted or reposted by a third party).

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