BIG-IP Cloud Edition on AWS Through DevOps

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Executive Summary:

BIG-IP Cloud Edition is composed of tightly integrated BIG-IQ Centralized Management and BIG-IP Per-App VEs to deliver advanced, right-sized app services and lifecycle management—including auto-scale, role-based access to self-service application templates for app owners, and per-app analytics.

Offering Description

  • BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager: Delivers intelligent traffic management, as well as SSL offload and application optimization, for the best end-user experience
  • F5 Advanced Web Application Firewall: Provides an advanced WAF solution to protect all your applications against automated web attacks, credential theft, and L7 DDoS
  • BIG-IQ Centralized Management: Provides a central point of control for F5 physical and virtual devices. It simplifies management, helps ensure compliance, and gives you the tools you need to deliver your applications securely and effectively


  • Role-based access control: A Vandis cloud solution specialist will interview DevOps, SecOps and NetOps leadership to recommend and document Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) policies to the BIG-IQ Centralized Management
  • Application and device templates: We will work with you to create a catalog of Application & Device Templates to quickly and easily roll out new applications or replicate existing ones, empowering your application teams with self-service capabilities through approved, fine-grained Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
    • Application Templates define the application delivery and security services that will be deployed for an application, including all BIG-IP objects such as virtual servers, profiles, monitors, SSL certificates, security policies, etc. In addition, the application templates define monitoring and alerting for that application
    • Device Templates define all infrastructure-level characteristics (time zone, DNS, hostname, accounts, NTP, licensing, networking, etc.) that are required to deploy a BIG-IP device
  • Application Analytics: We will interview your DevOps, SecOps and NetOps leadership to recommend, document and implement an F5 BIG-IQ Application Dashboard to track the health, security, and performance of applications
  • Automation: We will consult with your DevOps and NetOps team(s) to integrate BIG-IP Cloud Edition into your existing 3rd party configuration management tool(s) such as Puppet, Chef or Ansible through RESTful API interfaces to F5 iControl
  • Auto-Scale: We will consult with the Application Line of Business Owners, DevOps and NetOps to create, document and operationalize auto scale-up & scale-down application services templates

All of the above can be delivered by a Vandis engineer and members of Vandis’ Network Security team to build, configure, and test the solution.

Handoff and knowledge transfer, including operation documentation, will be performed at the end of the project to ensure the your team has the confidence and resources required to maintain the solution components.

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