Arista Cloud Networking Boot Camp - NYC

Join Vandis and Arista Networks for a hands on lab to learn how Software Driven Cloud Networking turns bare-metal infrastructure into a fully integrated platform to deliver a robust and effective cloud solution for your organization. During this event, you will experience firsthand, how Arista's portfolio can help you deliver highly efficient, seamless and effective Software Driven cloud IT infrastructures.

This is a FREE half day technical workshop that will feature software and hardware road maps, hands-on lab exercises, as well as technical discussion topics and industry trends in the datacenter. The agenda will comprise of the following:

  • Extensible Operating System (EOS) overview and CLI
  • Multi-Chassis Aggregation (MLAG) and Virtual ARP (VARP) overview
  • Building a Layer 3 Leaf-Spine with BGP
  • Provisioning with Arista CloudVision Portal (CVP)
  • Arista eAPI

We look forward to having you join us!

***A laptop is required for this lab***

Disclaimer: Each registrant will be reviewed by Vandis to ensure they meet Vandis’ requirements for attendance and, if qualified, will receive an approval email after registration. Attendees acknowledge that their organizations may have compliance policies relating to their employees’ ability to accept items of value that may be available at an event, and it is the attendee’s responsibility to manage compliance with those business policies.