Building an Automated Cloud-Native SD-WAN with Barracuda Networks and Vandis' Azure Lighthouse Service


Join Microsoft, Barracuda, and Vandis for this joint webinar as we present on Vandis' Azure Lighthouse offering powered by Barracuda CloudGen WAN. Barracuda CloudGen WAN is the first solution that combines ease of use, full security, and cloud scalable SD-WAN connectivity leveraging Microsoft's Global Network as your WAN backbone instead of MPLS or leased lines. Built as a native SaaS offering, CloudGen WAN provides a fast, easy, and secure SD-WAN solution that is accessible from any region and centrally managed.

Vandis, a Networking MSP in the Azure Lighthouse program, brings a white glove service to establish and manage a secure, low latency, and cost-effective Azure connection and SD-WAN environment. This joint offering with Microsoft and Barracuda is ideal for any organization looking to expand their VDI environment to enable WFH, protect from ransomware and phishing attacks, or create a low latency network to build on Microsoft Collaboration Tools.

During this webinar we will discuss how you can:

  • Extensively leverage Microsoft Global Network as a WAN backbone
  • Leverage CloudGen WAN to enforce full security at your branch sites
  • Rapidly deploy your connection to Azure and receive elite ongoing support and services from Vandis' Azure MSP team

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