Protect the Unprotected with the Aruba CX10000 Series Switch - May 15, 2024

Gain Full Visibility on East-West Traffic to Protect Your Datacenter with Zero Trust

Legacy data center networks can be complex, frustrating to manage, and inefficient.

What if there was a smarter data center switch that could simplify operations and embed controls closer to critical applications to accelerate your journey toward Zero Trust? What if you could achieve complete visibility of east-west traffic on your datacenter networks?

Join this webinar and demo to learn how to evolve your data center network to simplify architecture, enhance performance, and reduce costs—all with the strongest embedded security.

The Aruba CX 10000 Switch, which leverages the same AMD technology that powers the Hyperscalers, is the industry's first DPU-enabled Top-of-Rack (ToR) switch to offer:

  • Layer 4 firewall protection between all workloads to extend Zero Trust security to all east-west data center traffic
  • 100% Telemetry data, eliminating the dependency on agents and network probes that only give partial visibility
  • Intelligence you need to move closer to your Zero Trust goals in the data center. 

Mike McSpedon, Consulting Systems Engineer at AMD Pensando, will demonstrate how the AMD DPU in the CX 10000 switch generates telemetry on east-west traffic. He'll also discuss a set of APIs that can provide flow records, logs, and non-sampled IPFIX Information Elements to a variety of industry standard tools to help visualize and query the raw data into context-based insights and intelligence for driving innovation. 

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