Vandis Security Showcase

From data center security to end point protection, many organizations are looking for solutions to help mitigate risks and thwart potential attacks. To help identify the right solutions for your organization, Vandis and some of our top security partners have created a Security Showcase. Taking place on October 12th at Helen Mills Theater and Event Space, you will be able to see leading technology in action, figure out new ways to improve business security, and meet other local security experts.


8:00am - 9:00am: Registration & Breakfast
9:00am - 9:15am: Conference Welcome & Vandis Presentation
9:20am - 9:50am: Crowdstrike Presentation
9:55am - 10:25am: Attivo Presentation
10:30am - 11:00am: Varonis Presentation
11:00am - 11:20am: Break
11:25am - 11:55am: Palo Alto Networks Presentation
12:00pm - 12:30pm: Fidelis Presentation
12:30pm - 2:30pm: Lunch & Networking
Booth Sponsorships: Duo Security & Rapid7


Today’s breaches are often targeted at the endpoint. Being able to detect, investigate, and prevent these attacks within seconds is critical to stopping a breach. See how Crowdstrike’s Falcon Platform defends against these sophisticated attacks by:

  • Leveraging the cloud to collect and analyze threat data from more than 30 billion endpoints every day
  • Protecting against both malware and non-malware based attacks without the need for signature updates
  • Identifying unauthorized systems and applications in real-time


Attackers are consistently finding new ways into enterprise networks even though organizations are making considerable investments in endpoint and perimeter defenses. Once inside, attackers often spend weeks or months within the enterprise completely undetected. This creates a need for a better approach to detect active threats that have successfully penetrated your defenses. See how deception toolsets such as Attivo can help solve this problem by:

  • Creating traps and lures within the network to slow the progress of attackers
  • Providing high accuracy while still maintaining easy management
  • Speeding up remediation time of compromised networks with few or zero false positives


Varonis is an innovative data security platform that specializes in creating software to manage, analyze and secure enterprise data. In their demonstration, Varonis will show how their product:

  • Analyzes the behavior of the people and machines that access enterprise data
  • Discovers and protects sensitive data by alerting on misbehavior
  • Enforces a least privilege model on your critical data

Palo Alto Networks

In conjunction with cyber-attacks, organizations are dealing with an increase in common user mistakes that can potentially expose intellectual property. During this presentation Palo Alto Networks will explore real events, customer experiences and demonstrate how the Palo Alto Networks platform can detect, prevent and isolate various problems and threats. See real-world attacks and learn how Palo Alto Networks platform can:

  • Enhance your organization’s protection by leveraging various security components throughout your network
  • Automate protection by creating and altering security postures in real-time across our on-prem and cloud environments
  • Improve your protection by leveraging threat intelligence sharing from across the globe


With organization’s investing in systems designed to detect attacks and generate alerts, many are staggering under the weight of their security infrastructures and drowning in a sea of alerts. Fidelis will display their Automated Detection and Response solution that can:

  • Detect attacks and automatically remediate threats
  • Reduce threat response time by 80%
  • Greatly reduce false positive so you can focus on true threats