Vandis’ Monthly Webinar Series: Proofpoint – How to Protect Your Organization with Email & Browser Isolation

Today’s threats not only attack your users via corporate work emails, but also when they engage in personal browsing from their corporate devices. As more employees use these devices, organizations face a wide range of threats from ransomware, malware, and costly breaches. Proofpoint Browser Isolation is web isolation built with simplicity, based on intelligence from (TAP) Isolation. It helps lower your attack surface and provides complete browser security.

Join Proofpoint Cloud Specialist, Boris Berganza, to learn how you can protect your colleagues and their data from potential threats. During this webinar, we will discuss how:

  • Intelligence from Proofpoint’s Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) powers both Personal Webmail Defense and Browser Isolation tools.
  • Existing TAP customers can seamlessly integrate Browser Isolation.
  • Proofpoint Browser Isolation helps lower your attack surface and provides complete browser security.
  • Browser Isolation allows corporate email servers to isolate URL clicks based on the risk profile of both the user and the URL being clicked.

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