Vandis' Webinar Series: Attivo Networks - Active Directory Protection

Active Directory (AD) is used by the majority of enterprises to control and orchestrate the IT environment. Many security professionals have the challenge of distinguishing illegitimate queries to AD from legitimate ones, leaving security teams blind to malicious attempts to map AD’s contents.

Join Vandis and Attivo Networks for an interactive live demo to learn how simple it is to protect against AD attacks while not interfering with production AD operations, nor requiring logs or complex permissions management. Attivo Networks ADSecure solution enables security teams to prevent attackers from leveraging AD against your organization, as opposed to traditional complex access management policies for protecting Active Directory environments. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Detects malicious AD query from a hijacked endpoint
  • Hides real credentials and system data from the attacker
  • Delivers misinformation to query responses, directing attacks into a decoy environment
  • Provides detailed telemetry (TTP’s) on query activities

By returning misleading information, the solution tricks attackers into making mistakes, forcing them to slow down and lose trust in the tools they typically use to compromise Active Directory.

We look forward to having you join us! 

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