Quick Intro To Palo Alto Prisma Access

Palo Alto Prisma Access
With remote workforces in full effect, IT teams are now looking for ways to optimize the remote experience and ensure secure and quick connections to applications. Read more about how Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access helps solve these challenges.

Advanced DNS Attacks & Mitigation Techniques [Webinar]

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the address book for the entire internet. Your organization's internal DNS knows the IP address for every device on your network. When you request a domain is outside of your network, your request moves through a firewall and onto the internet. Attack techniques such as tunneling and malicious domain generation allow bad actors to utilize the DNS to compromise your network in a way that is difficult to detect and even more difficult to resolve.

Modern Threat Detection Using the MITRE ATT&CK Framework [Webinar]

TTPs, or Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, framework the most effective modern threat hunting. Since they are descriptive, they characterize what adversaries are doing, and exactly how they are doing it. Although these characteristics are derived from individual incidents, they can be helpful in developing contextual understanding across a general threat landscape

If You Want to Catch More Phish, Use More Hooks [Webinar]

Non signature based phishing attacksWithin the past two years, the number of non-signature based attacks has increased significantly. These attacks, like name impersonations and domain lookalikes, have become so sophisticated that they're nearly impossible to tell apart from the real thing. Watch this webinar to learn how to better secure your mailboxes with IRONSCALES.

The Power of Security Metrics in Your Organization [Webinar]

Businesses are turning to third-party vendors to help conduct day-to-day operations. While that often allows for the most efficient use of resources, it presents a challenge: how do you ensure that your third-party vendor's business practices are as safe and secure as your own?

Watch the webinar to see why current methods for measuring vendor security fall shot, and how to get a full picture of their security posture. 

What Is the Importance of a Web Application Firewall?

web application firewall
Simply installing a firewall isn't enough to keep your computer network safe. Adversaries are always evolving their attack processes, leading to a steady increase in data breaches in the United States since 2008.

Read on for more on how a Web Application Firewall can be a cost-effective way to better protect your network.