What are the Benefits of the ArubaOS Platform?

Enterprise businesses around the globe are betting big on network computing. Between cloud services, IoT and remote devices, mobile computing, edge computing clusters, and SD-WAN and MPLS networks, these businesses are investing heavily in secure, high-performance network computing solutions. ArubaOS is a network operating system (NOS) developed by Aruba, a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard. Like most Network OS platforms, ArubaOS provides management and support for networked computers. In this article, we will look at some of benefits of the ArubaOS Platform.


The Top Cybersecurity Threats of 2019

Cyber threats are always evolving, and experts are continuously working to thwart or eliminate threats from the digital lives of consumers, businesses, and governments. But as innovation pushes technology into new areas of our lives, new threats emerge and old threats gain new legs. In this article, we will highlight the top ten prominent threats of 2019.