Using and Securing App Mesh

using and securing app mesh
Over the course of the last few years, new applications have been built and designed to leverage microservices and microscaling to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase performance. Amazon's App Mesh is one solution helping organization to more quickly take advantage of the benefits of microservices and microscaling.

The Benefits of a Serverless Infrastructure

severless infrastructure
Most companies are utilizing serverless computing to create flexible and scalable applications. Rather than facing the issues of building out a server with defined resources and dealing with issues when demand spikes or architectural changes are needed, serverless computing defines each task as a micro-service using APIs to trigger tasks. Read more about serverless infrastructures and their benefits.

How to Track Your Application Infrastructure with Ease

tracking application infrastructure
When updating software regularly, it's difficult to test new versions of code without slowing down the workflow of your deployments. And even when code does make it through the testing phase, hidden errors can make themselves known when you push it to the production environment.

Read more about how you can easily track your application infrastructure and prevent negative impacts on your customers.

Is Amazon Web Services (AWS) PCI compliant?

Protecting cardholder data is critical for any business that accepts payment through credit cards or stores credit card information. If you're looking to operate your business in the cloud, it's important to understand if Amazon Web Services is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. Read on to find out. 

Ensuring AWS Cloud Security Compliance from Industry Experts

Are you looking for ways to ensure continuous security compliance on Amazon Web Service (AWS)? At Vandis’ latest event, the Cloud Conference in New York City, top industry partners shared tips and solutions for keeping attacks at bay, and maintaining the safety of your infrastructure and data; however, it’s not too late to learn a bit by downloading the event's presentations.