Aruba Networks - Software Defined Branch [Webinar]

Aruba Networks Software Defined Branch

Organizations with multiple sites often face complexities that require the need for efficient, faster services, with enhanced and secure end user experience. Aruba Networks works to remediate these networking complexities by monitoring traffic and optimizing performance for each end user across branch sites. This is done through its SD-Branch solution that comprises of WAN, WLAN, wired, and security – all of which can be managed through Aruba Centrala tool that simplifies the management of your infrastructure through a single pane of glass. 

In this webinar, we look at how Aruba’s SD-Branch solution alleviates today’s branch complexities through 3 key benefits: 

  1. Simplicity at Enterprise Scale  One central management system controls policy definition, branch enforcement, SD-WAN orchestration, end-to-end troubleshooting, and zero touch provisioning. 
  2. Optimized Branch Experience – Ensure that user experience is consistent at each branch location by leveraging context about the user’s devices and types of applications being accessed.  
  3. Zero Trust Security  Leverage role-based enforcement and context aware controls to identify each user no matter how they connect to the network. 

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The Vandis team has been partnered with Aruba Networks since they first came to market and our team of expert engineers have successfully completed hundreds of Aruba deployments across numerous industries. For a free consultation around Aruba SD-Branch or SD-WAN options for your organization, email or call 516-281-2200.