Barracuda - Protecting Your Remote Workers from Risk [Webinar]

COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations to implement long-term work from home policies. This shift to remote work has created new security risks and forced organizations to quickly figure out how to: 

  • Provide secure remote access to an entire workforce without adding hardware 
  • Maximize bandwidth of their existing firewall (through compression, offloading to the public cloud or zero touch provisioning) 
  • Support different devices and operating systems 

In this webinar session, we cover how Barracuda has been able to assist with the above challenges and specifically, how they are helping organizations provide secure remote access solutions tailored to their user’s needs through the following solutions:  

  1. Network Access Client – This solution is for power users (users that require full access to corporate network resources as opposed to those only needing certain file access). It’s ideal for home office use with a laptop or desktop and is designed for corporate devices and users who need connectivity beyond SaaS applications.  
  2. CudaLaunch – This solution is for BYOD mobile device users that require access to corporate resources. It’s simple to use, has a free connectivity app, and requires no enrollment or control of private devices. It has self-service VPN provisioning and Java-independent access to applications in the company network. 
  3. Browser Remote Access – This is for basic or SaaS users that require ad-hoc access to corporate resources. These users mostly use SaaS applications and various BYOD and/or shared devices. It does not require any pre-installed software and it has a simple browser based remote access for desktop and mobile devices. Through role-based access control, users can access internal web apps and network folders/files. 

The Vandis team has deep experience architecting and implementing secure remote work solutions, as well as a long term partnership with Barracuda Networks. For a free consultation on how Vandis can assist your security team, contact us at (516) 281-2200 or

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