Building an Automated Cloud-Native SD-WAN with Barracuda Networks and Vandis’ Azure Lighthouse Service [Webinar]

Building an automated cloud native SD-WAN with Barracuda Networks and Vandis' Azure Lighthouse service

High network costs, poor user experience, and insufficient security are a few of the issues driving the rapid increase in SD-WAN. Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN adds to the benefits of SD-WAN by allowing organizations to further reduce bandwidth and optimize application performance by leveraging the Microsoft global network as their internet backbone.  

In this joint webinar with Vandis, Barracuda and Microsoft, we take a close look at Vandis’ Azure Lighthouse offering powered by Barracuda CloudGen WAN. Built as a native SaaS offering, CloudGen WAN provides a fast, easy, and secure SD-WAN solution that is centrally managed and accessible from anywhere.  It combines the networking automation and simplification expected of SD-WAN solutions while also providing firewall functionality across branch sites and your cloud environment. 

Vandis, a Networking MSP in the Azure Lighthouse program, brings a white glove service to establish and manage a secure, low latency, and cost-effective Azure connection and SD-WAN environment. This joint offering with Microsoft and Barracuda is ideal for any organization looking to reduce high MPLS costs, create unified networking and security across their cloud and premise environment, and improve end user productivity by reducing network latency. 

During this webinar, you will learn how you can:  

  • Reduce costs and improve network performance by leveraging Microsoft’s Global Network as a WAN backbone for SD-WAN traffic 
  • Utilize CloudGen WAN to unify and enforce security policies across your branch sites and cloud environment(s) 
  • Rapidly deploy CloudGen WAN and establish connectivity between branch sites and your Azure environment 
  • Simplify ongoing management, monitoring, and maintenance by leveraging Vandis’ Azure MSP team 

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