Crowdstrike: Maintaining High Levels of Security in Times of Uncertainty [Webinar]

Crowdstrike Webinar

The sudden shift to remote work due to COVID-19 has opened new vulnerabilities for cyber attackers to exploit. CrowdStrike’s Falcon Platform with Falcon Complete provides protection against these sophisticated attacks by addressing 3 key cybersecurity gaps: attack sophistication, solution complexity, and skills shortageAs a cloud-based agent, the Falcon Platform does not need to be installed on local networks and provides the same level of protection whether users are working at an office or remotely. 

As the expanding threat landscape has forced organizations to invest in more security solutions, the Falcon Platform can help simplify your security architecture and streamline operations by consolidating your current solutions into one light-weight agent. The Falcon Platform incorporates 5 different modules within the same user interface for: asset inventory (Discover), anti-virus (Prevent), recording endpoint data and endpoint detection response (Insight), a 24/7/365 human threat hunting team (Overwatch), and a 24/7/365 human endpoint remediation team with a managed services offering (Complete). 

This webinar zeroes in on Falcon Complete and the ways it can enhance your experience with the Falcon Platform to better protect your organization from potential threats. From implementing, configuring, and tuning the solution, to responding to and remediating incidents, the Falcon Complete managed services team is on call to ensure your organization is protected every step of the way. The Falcon Complete team strives to follow the 1-10-60 rule. This rule states that one must detect a threat within 1 minute, investigate and contain the threat within 10 minutes, and fully remediate the threat within 60 minutes. The team subsequently provides you with a report detailing their steps to remediation. 

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