Exploring the Integration of Aviatrix and Check Point’s CloudGuard IaaS [Webinar]

Exploring the Integration of Aviatrix and Check Point’s CloudGuard IaaS

Check Point and Aviatrix are working together to help alleviate some of the typical cloud deployment challengestraffic visibility, troubleshooting, encryption, and connectivity.  While many organizations are saving time, money, and physical space by moving to the cloud, these common issues can become difficult to overcome without the right solutions in place.  

CloudGuard IaaS from Check Point is a cloud native security solution which automates security, prevents threats, and manages posture across multi-cloud environments. Aviatrix, a cloud networking platform, delivers the simplicity and automation enterprises expect in the cloud, alongside the operational visibility and control they have grown accustomed to from their on-prem environments. With its policy-based service insertion capabilities, Aviatrix allows Check Point CloudGuard to plug into the common operational and data plane called the Multi-Cloud Transit Layer. This integration between Aviatrix and Check Point’s CloudGuard IaaS ensures industry-leading security in an easy to manage environment. 

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In this webinar, you will learn how Aviatrix integrates with Check Point’s CloudGuard to enhance performance in AWS and Azure. By watching this recording, you will learn how your organization can: 

  • Leverage the Multi-Cloud Transit Layer to maintain the same security posture across multiple cloud platforms 
  • Quickly scale and secure your cloud environment with the power of automation, orchestration, and centralized management 
  • Create a single pane of glass for better visibility around real-time network data and analytics using Aviatrix’s Co-Pilot tool with CloudGuard data 

Vandis’ in-house engineering staff are subject matter experts around each of these technologies and are well-versed in helping organizations optimize the security and networking of their cloud environment. For more information on these solutions or to discuss your cloud environment, contact us at (516) 281-2200 or cloud@vandis.com.