ExtraHop - How Network Detection & Response (NDR) Powers Event-Driven Security in the Cloud

In the past decade, IT security has focused on protection and prevention solutions for the traditional perimeter and endpoint devices. However, threat actors are adapting their attacks by disabling agent-based security and targeting cloud services with ransomware. These new threats have forced organizations towards investing in cyber analytics and visibility solutions so they can be better prepared to detect-and-respond to threats.   

In this webinar session, we take a deep dive into ExtraHop’s Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution. This solution helps organizations by analyzing all traffic coming in and out of the network to provide real-time threat detection, response automation, and security investigation tools 

During this presentation we will review how your organization can leverage ExtraHop NDR to: 

  • Enable visibility into layer 2 through layer 7 with application layer decoding 
  • Analyze and decrypt all transactions in real time that are happening on-prem and in the cloud 
  • Apply machine learning to improve detection and investigation of real time threats  
  • Integrate with cloud native tools to provide automatic responses to threats 
  • Utilize traffic packet mirroring (virtual taps) to route copies of traffic from the public cloud to ExtraHop’s monitoring instances 
  • Take advantage of the cloud for instant deployment, auto discovery, and workload classification  

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