FortiWeb, The Modern WAF: Web Application & API Protection [Webinar]

FortiWeb the Modern WAF Webinar

As e-commerce steadily grows more ubiquitous – from websites having digital storefronts, to restaurants taking online orders -- Web Application Firewalls (WAF) have become increasingly important as a first line of defense for critical business assets. Fortinet is one WAF manufacturer that has worked to stay ahead of the curve by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to take the traditional WAF to the next the level with their FortiWeb solution. 

While traditional WAFs block malicious traffic, they can also unintentionally block some legitimate traffic, creating the need for ongoing troubleshooting and fine tuning. This cycle of working to reduce false positives can be time consuming for software developers and WAF administrators. FortiWeb’s dynamic learning capabilities enables it to identify the differences between “good” and “bad” traffic, saving your organization time and resources. 

In this webinar, we cover how FortiWeb can help streamline processes around web application security in both your on-prem and cloud environments by: 

  • Using deep learning capabilities to intelligently address common challenges which arise when deploying web-facing applications Building a continuously learning AI model from a relatively small sample size that protects against zero days and minimizes false positives 
  • Enabling any deployment type needed, from on-premise hardware to cloud-native SaaS offerings in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform 

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