Proofpoint- How to Protect Your Organization with Email & Browser Isolation [Webinar]

How to protect your organization with email and browser isolation

Modern browsers are a significant source of vulnerability because they allow risky activities such as background deployments, JavaScript applications, and drive-by downloads to occur. Proofpoint’s Browser Isolation technology aims to provide safe web-browsing by segregating each web browser session to prevent malicious payloads from impacting the corporate network. 

Proofpoint Browser Isolation is a remote, cloud-based browser which separates what is trusted from what is untrusted, reducing the attack surface of high-risk internet browsing. Users can self-register for an Isolation browser with their company email address, or they can be auto-registered at points of egress by their IT admin. In either circumstance, the user will be operating within the Isolation browser where malicious content will be processed and eliminated within Proofpoint’s cloud infrastructure to prevent threats from ever reaching a user’s endpoint device. Within the Isolation browser, Proofpoint both detects threats and prevents future threats in real-time using technologies for phishing detection, deep scan sandboxing, disabling uploads and downloads, dynamic input restrictions, and document rendering. 

 During this webinar we will discuss and demonstrate how Proofpoint Browser Isolation can: 

  • Seamlessly and discreetly place end users into an isolation browser  
  • Reduce the quantity of infected endpoints by creating a silo around web sessions 
  • Provide adaptive policies based on the risk profile of the user or URL

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Remote browser Isolation is named as a key preventative strategy in Gartner’s Adaptive Security Architecture for attack protection. With a skilled engineering team of security experts, as well as a top-level partnership with Proofpoint, Vandis can work with your organization to provide guidance on how advanced security solutions such as browser isolation could help reduce your attack surface. If you’d like to speak to one of our security engineers, please contact Vandis at (516) 281-2200 or