Pulse Secure: Secure Remote Access Solutions When It Matters Most [Webinar]

Pulse Secure
The immediate work from home mandate for non-essential businesses due to 
COVID-19 created an instant need for more Virtual Private Network (VPN) licenses. In fact, many outlets report that the US saw 124% increase in VPN traffic between March 8th and March 22nd. This change in the way we work means organizations need to think differently about protecting data in motion, securing connections, and minimizing the risks of attackers penetrating their network. 

During this webinar, you will learn about some of the security challenges organizations are facing when it comes to a remote workforce, including: 

  • Quickly enabling secure access for additional workers 
  • Seamlessly integrating access with existing policies 
  • Deploying new and additional secure access infrastructure 
  • Continuing to meet compliance mandates and requirements. 

Pulse Secure is helping to eliminate these challenges with their Pulse Connect Secure solution. This is a seamless, cost-effective, SSL VPN solution for remote and mobile users that allows them to connect from any web enabled device to corporate resources. It is supported by all major cloud providers including AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.  

Pulse Secure also provides an In Case of Emergency (ICE) License, which enables companies to maintain productivity and continue to deliver services even when natural disasters or pandemics may strike. It allows the maximum capacity of the appliance (physical or virtual) to be used for a temporary period.  

Vandis has been partnered with Pulse Secure for several years. The Vandis team has extensive experience with designing and implementing Pulse Secure solutions. For a free consultation on how Vandis can assist your organization’s VPN or work-from-home initiatives, contact us at (516) 281-2200 or info@vandis.com. 

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