Riverbed: 24x7 Performance in a Work-from-Home Enterprise [Webinar]

Riverbed Webinar

As many organizations were forced to implement immediate work from home polices due to the global pandemicthe need to support remote employee productivity has never been more crucial. Ensuring global 24/7 secure access to critical applications has become a necessityRiverbed helps organizations achieve this by delivering network performance and visibility application through WAN optimization, application acceleration, SD-WAN and network performance management. 

In this webinar session, we take a deep dive into how Riverbed is helping organizations optimize at-home network connections and deliver reliable performance of business-critical apps through its Client Accelerator solution. This session covers how Riverbed delivers accelerated access to on-prem, IaaS, or SaaS-based enterprise applications. Learn how the Client Accelerator Agent software can be installed on Windows or Mac and the controller (either virtual or physical) can be managed on-prem or in the cloud 

In addition to the Client Accelerator, we cover Riverbed’s cloud-based SaaS Accelerator, a solution that helps ensure consistent performance and acceleration of leading SaaS applications such as Microsoft 365, Box, Salesforce, etc. 

Together, these solutions provide the following key benefits: 

  • Workforce productivity from anywhere and anytime 
  • Fast and consistent access to business-critical applications 
  • Elimination of performance degradation caused by unpredictable network latency and competition among applications 
  • Streamlined IT management and support cost reduction 

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