Vandis Announces Reseller Partnership with Itential

Albertson, New York – November 28, 2023Vandis, Inc announced today that it has agreed to be a partner of Itential, a leader in network and cloud automation software.

Itential enables infrastructure teams to automate network and security configuration changes across physical, virtual, and multi-cloud networks rapidly and easily. Itential integrates with external IT systems to enable orchestration of the entire end-to-end change management process, no matter how complex the environment. Their flexible and user-friendly automation platform enables network infrastructure teams to efficiently deploy new automated network services securely and at scale. It ensures that network configurations adhere to compliance standards, mitigating the risk of human errors that could potentially result in security vulnerabilities.

“Our automation and orchestration products are helping customers around the world transform their network automation efforts by delivering rapid time to value, driving operational efficiency, and maintaining security across their entire infrastructure, enhancing the value of both new and existing technology investments,” said Carl Johnson, Chief Sales Officer of Itential. “We’re excited to be entering this partnership with Vandis to extend the reach of our comprehensive network automation solutions to Vandis’ customers.”

"Itential empowers our clients by automating the deployment of network services and applications. This provides them with the essential tools to secure, scale, and streamline the management of their global infrastructure using a repeatable architecture that incurs no technical debt," explains Andrew Segal, CEO of Vandis. "In an era where hybrid environments and multi-cloud networks are becoming the norm, our enterprise clients demand robust yet user-friendly solutions to tackle the growing complexity of network management."

About Itential

Itential is the leader in network infrastructure automation and orchestration, serving hundreds of enterprises and service providers worldwide to reduce manual operations and simplify network and infrastructure management from Day 0/1 deployment, Day 2 changes, and beyond. The Itential Automation Platform is an API-first SaaS solution that seamlessly connects IT systems with network and infrastructure technologies for end-to-end configuration, compliance, automation, and orchestration.

About Vandis

Vandis specializes in optimizing and securing hybrid network infrastructures to achieve maximum value for our clients. With our proven process, anchored by our deep industry knowledge, we deliver solutions and successful outcomes which cultivate strong connections and trust with our customers. For over 40 years Vandis has delivered comprehensive strategies for secure IT infrastructures.