Vandis’ Microsoft Gold Partnership


Recently, Vandis was awarded Microsoft Gold status.  This was granted in recognition of our accomplishments related to Microsoft’s Productivity Suite, which includes their Microsoft 365 solutions. Vandis has also achieved Silver status for three additional competencies: Microsoft Cloud Platform, Application Development, and Collaboration & Content.

Vandis’ Gold status reflects how our Microsoft partnership has strengthened over the past few years.  We have seamlessly transitioned many organizations to Microsoft 365, all while improving user security to those critical applications.

Our Cloud team has deep experience establishing Azure as a primary cloud provider and as part of broader multi-cloud strategies for our clients. Our cyber security experience combined with our hands-on knowledge of Azure have allowed us to implement designs that have saved our clients’ money, increased their agility, and provided a secure environment for their data. We are now focused on completing the requirements for Cloud Platform Gold status in the near future.

About Vandis’ Cloud Practice

Moving to the cloud extends your organization's perimeter, creating new vulnerabilities and attack vectors that need to be protected against. Vandis works with our clients to build a hybrid multi-cloud solution. With a focus on security, networking, and connectivity, we understand how to mesh your on-prem and cloud environments creating a seamless experience.

Building on our comprehensive enterprise security knowledge, Vandis can design a security-focused cloud architecture with ease of management and your unique governance and compliance requirements in mind. Our architecture of a hybrid environment will ensure that policies & security standards remain uniform regardless of where your data or applications are being accessed. Vandis' goal is to optimize our client's cloud utilization with a security-centric mindset so they can be confident in their decision to move more business-critical workloads to the cloud.

If you’d like to learn more about Vandis’ Cloud practice or our service offerings, please email or call us at 516-281-2200.