Vandis Tech in 20 Demo: Zero Touch Provisioning for Aruba Remote Access Points

Aruba Remote Access Points (RAP) allow distributed workforces to harness the power of their organization’s Aruba wireless network from their home or remote workplace. In this demonstration, Vandis Principal Mobility Architects Eric O’Brien and Mike Devita showed how simple it is to get a RAP up and running in your network without any prior configuration or user intervention. 

With Mike assuming the role of the remote worker, he begins by connecting his RAP. Eric, acting as a systems administrator, has already configured Aruba Activate to automate the provisioning of the access point. Aruba Activate is a free service from Aruba that automatically communicates with a device once it has connected to your network to check for rules and policies. In this instance, the pre-configured rule states that the remote worker’s IAP is to act as a RAP and points it to the IP address of the controller.  

Aruba Activate seamlessly integrates with ClearPass, so you can manage policies to verify the device and whitelist it. These settings can apply to other RAPs set up under the same folder, so the configuration only needs to be done once which allows for a complete zero touch experience for all involved parties. Watch the demo to see how the RAP was pushed live with full configuration in about 15 minutes, with no additional licenses necessary. The demo also included a live Q&A session, so be sure to listen to the end to get answers to some common questions.