The Benefits of a Serverless Infrastructure

severless infrastructure
Most companies are utilizing serverless computing to create flexible and scalable applications. Rather than facing the issues of building out a server with defined resources and dealing with issues when demand spikes or architectural changes are needed, serverless computing defines each task as a micro-service using APIs to trigger tasks. Read more about serverless infrastructures and their benefits.

What Is the Importance of a Web Application Firewall?

web application firewall
Simply installing a firewall isn't enough to keep your computer network safe. Adversaries are always evolving their attack processes, leading to a steady increase in data breaches in the United States since 2008.

Read on for more on how a Web Application Firewall can be a cost-effective way to better protect your network.

How to Track Your Application Infrastructure with Ease

tracking application infrastructure
When updating software regularly, it's difficult to test new versions of code without slowing down the workflow of your deployments. And even when code does make it through the testing phase, hidden errors can make themselves known when you push it to the production environment.

Read more about how you can easily track your application infrastructure and prevent negative impacts on your customers.

Ensuring Network Viability with Simpler WiFi and Application Testing [Webinar]

Research found that more than half of issues are typically detected by end users before IT personnel are aware. Additionally, over a third of end users report poor network connectivity or poor performance at their workplace. Because of this, greater app viability is essential -- watch this webinar to learn more about how you can do this. 

Gambling with Network Security in Las Vegas

Vandis' Senior Network Engineer Nathan J. Lichtenstein is a solution-focused engineer -- even on vacation. So when he was in Las Vegas and noticed the casino's network security was less than ideal, he had to explore further. Read on to learn what he found.